Farewell to the Rotary Club of Kapunda

After sixty-three years of serving the Kapunda Community, the Rotary Club of Kapunda handed in its charter with the 16th of May 2022 being the last meeting of the club. The club’s inability to attract new and younger members was a factor in arriving at the decision and with only seven current members and five of those being over seventy years of age, it became apparent that the club was unable to do the things that Rotary should be doing.

However, it is worth celebrating the contribution the Rotary Club of Kapunda has made to the local and broader community.

In 1958 the club was formed with twenty-seven members and the late Eli Hambour as its first President. In its first year the club’s first Community Service project was to raise and donate £241.0.0 towards a filtration plant for the local swimming pool. In 2022 a conservative estimate is that the club has generated the equivalent of in excess of $1.2m in benefit for the local and broader community.

What many people don’t realise is that ‘Map Kernow’ the seven-metre statue at the southern entrance to Kapunda and an everlasting symbol of the town was a Rotary Project.

Other significant examples include the Hospital Helipad and the contribution to the refurbishment of Davidson Reserve.

The club has also sent a number of Rotary Exchange students overseas or hosted incoming students which has been beneficial to both the individual and the community. The club has had a strong commitment to youth development in general with examples being Kapunda High School and Kapunda and Freeling Primary Schools awards as well as thousands of dollars support to other Youth programmes including Rotary Youth Driver Awareness and Citizen and Civic leadership seminars for students and young adults.

Internationally it has supported causes such as improving a grain storage facility as well as a Dental Health programme for children in Uganda. It has contributed to both the Rotary Foundation and the Australian Rotary Health Foundation as well as the worldwide Rotary “End Polio Now” vaccination initiative.

Locally the club has run the Kapunda Rotary Art Show for more than 10 years supporting the local and broader art community.

The club has had a visible presence at local events with the mobile barbecue trailer in attendance with members and supporters in their familiar Rotary aprons catering. As examples, Kapunda Rotarians have provided the barbecue and labour as part of the Pinery Fire Recovery Programme, Dawn Services, Xmas Street Parties, Australia Day and “Picnic at the Pines.”

Throughout the club’s history it has enjoyed strong support from the local community. Many local businesses have been major sponsors of the club and other smaller businesses and individuals have been generous in their support as well.

The Rotary Club of Kapunda’s members, partners and supporters over the years can be rightly proud of their contribution to the betterment of the community.

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29th October to 3rd November 2021

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