Kapunda Rotary – dispelling some myths!


“I would like to be part of Rotary – but I haven’t got the time to attend weekly meetings”. How often have busy and talented people said that when invited to consider becoming Rotarians?

Well, it is not compulsory to attend every meeting! That’s just one of the minor myths that is associated with the world’s best-known service club.  We all lead busy lives, so it is OK to attend when you can.  You can even become a “Friend of Rotary”, and be even more flexible.

“Old” People

Other myths include the perception that a Rotary Club is only for older, retired males and that younger men and women would not be interested in, or gain anything from becoming members.

Again, this is not correct. Most clubs have a broad age-range and a good mix of both male and female members.

Many younger people in management positions, or who are running their own businesses, have welcomed the opportunities provided by Rotary to become involved in their local communities and to take advantage of the personal development skills that are to be gained through Rotary service.


Networking opportunities abound throughout Rotary and the knowledge that such a strong, professional support group exists is a factor which attracts thousands of young men and women world-wide.


Over the 2008-09 Rotary year the Rotary Club of Kapunda celebrated 50 years of service to the Kapunda community. As one of over 33,000 clubs throughout the world, it is part of the Rotary International organization which supports thousands of local and international programmes designed to improve the lives of people from all levels of society.

Since 1958-59 the Rotary Club of Kapunda has undertaken projects which have encouraged and supported local youth; the aged community; local schools; sporting groups; libraries; local tourism; emergency services and major projects such as the construction of Map the Miner and the Kapunda Hospital Helipad. Every second year we run the very successful Kidman Art Show.  This attracts entries from many artists, with generous prize money and sales being generated throughout the art communities of South Australia.


The club has continually supported international Rotary programmes including the 25-year plan to eradicate the Polio virus which has seen a world-wide reduction of this insidious childhood disease to where it now exists in only five countries and the number of cases has fallen to just over 1% of its original numbers.

Many local Rotarians have taken the opportunity to provide practical and financial help to humanitarian programmes in neighbouring Pacific countries with the building of schools and medical facilities, and the provision of health and educational resources. The club has also donated three ShelterBoxes for use as emergency shelter in natural disasters.

Rotarians are able to use their vocational skills to assist in many areas and also to gain valuable contacts and friends through the social activities associated with Rotary.

The Rotary Club of Kapunda members have regular contact with members from other nearby clubs and have frequently combined with them in major Rotary projects and social events.

The opportunity to attend the annual district conference, usually held during October, is available to all members. The conference is designed to educate and motivate members in the wider world of Rotary, with a line-up of excellent speakers on a wide range of topics including Rotary programmes along with current and relevant social issues.

A place for you

No matter at what level you feel you would like to become involved in Rotary, there is a place for you in your local Rotary Club.

The Rotary Club of Kapunda currently meets on the first and third Mondays of the month at the North Kapunda Hotel, Kapunda, commencing at 6.20 pm for fellowship followed by a dinner meeting at 6.45 pm until approximately 8.00 pm. During January social meetings are held in various members’ homes – please check with our Secretary. You are very welcome to contact the club if you are interested in attending a meeting.

Contact Information

For further information about the Rotary Club of Kapunda, please telephone Secretary: Deane Rohrlach on 8566 2371.