2018/2019 Annual Report

Summary of the 2018/2019 Year’s events
Meeting Programme
At the risk of repeating what we have written in our bulletins, this summary is meant for historical purposes as well as reminding our Rotary community what we have achieved during the past Rotary year.

7/7/18 – 2710
For something different, we held our changeover dinner at the Berri Caravan Park making it a changeover weekend rather than just a meeting. We invited, and were joined, by members of the Rotary Club of Berri whose company we enjoyed. This had a touch of irony as we have learned during the year that they will be part of our area from 2020 as Districts 9500 and 9520 combine into District 9510.

16/7/18 – 2711
General Meeting

6/8/18 – 2712
Assistant Governor Marie-louise Lees came and introduced herself.
• Father a teacher & moved around country.
• Went to high school at Riverland.
• Joined Rotary in 2012 (Dad an active community supporter).
• Club Secretary at Gawler Rotary and was asked to be AG for Group 9 from this year.
• Passionate about Rotary Foundation & now AG Group 9.
• Looking at contribution to programmes & club involvements.
• Will be looking at joint Projects/Meetings/Socialising opportunities.
Stuart Hoerisch also attended to get some ideas for mural project.

20/8/18 – 2713
Kapunda High School Dinner – Kristen Masters, Principal
• Great highlight for hospitality students to have a real audience to prepare a meal for
• KHS has reached capacity over recent years
• State gov commitment to contribute $12M for building renewal/replacement
• Year 7 students to be integrated into high schools from primary
• Stage one – 4-5 new flexible classrooms in/around PE area
• Stage two – replacement of 60s era transportable classrooms Projection that KHS will top 800 students within 10 years Strong focus on student wellbeing – 47% sleep with smartphones, 40% have sleeping problems, 15-24 year olds exhibiting alarming increase in self-harm
• KHS is really appreciative of Rotary Kapunda’s continued support such as RYDA & Defibrillator projects

27/8/18 – 2714
• Intercity Meeting Gawler (Nixon’s) Small group attended Group 9 dinner at Gawler. Ron Kandelaars (Currently Channel 7) spoke about his life in the media.

3/9/18 – 2715
Club Assembly
The club discussed our purpose, future and future directions.

17/9/18 – 2716
Kieren Chappell, Light Regional Council

8/10/18 – 2717

22/10/18 – 2718
Stuart Hoerisch, Rotary Mural
Ideas and prototype discussed; club decided to proceed.

5/11/18 – 2719
David Cockshell, Donations in Kind
Dave gave a very informative presentation on the RAH Donations in Kind programme.

19/11/18 – 2720
Social evening at the Todd residence
With an inspiring talk by Ian & Sue’s daughter Tanya and friend Vanessa on their work with the “Muscle Car Run” fundraiser.

3/12/18 – 2721
Annual General Meeting
17/12/18 – 2722
Christmas Celebration Hodge residence

7/1/19 – 2723
Brad Perks. Lifestyle SA
Outlined the operations of the village in partnership with the light regional Council

21/1/19 – 2724
Phillipa and Leon Faulkner, Environmental Copper Recovery guest speakers and donation of defibrillator made to Kapunda Harness Racing Club.
Leon Faulkner from Environmental Copper Recovery spoke to the group about their plans to re-commence mining at the old Kapunda site. Much research and testing is currently underway to establish the viability and impact of such an endeavour.

Martin Dew (Secretary) and Stephen Norman (President) accept the defibrillator on behalf of the Kapunda harness Racing Club.

4/2/19 – 2725
Vicky de Prado (daughter of KRC Brazilian Exchange Student & Greg Mickan host family.)
In 1971 her father was an exchange student with Kapunda Rotary. Vicky spoke about her father’s experiences as an exchange student and how his life was changed by the experience. She also spoke about her own involvement with Rotary.

18/2/19 – 2726
Induction of new members Trish Sweet, Arlene Goff, Leon Dickinson

4/3/19 – 2727
General meeting

18/3/19 – 2728
General meeting

1/4/19 – 2729
Gavin Sidhu, Ugandan Dental Project & Marie-loiuse Lees ADG
Group 9 project; The Mbarara Oral Hygiene Education Program, Uganda. It is designed to teach 5000 kids in 10 schools each year for 5 years how to keep their teeth clean and prevent decay and associated tooth extractions.
Marie-louise encouraged members to next year’s Rotary district 9500 conference at Whyalla and the Clubrunner app – free app from the App Store. 

14/4/19 – 2730
Picnic at the Pines – approx. 90 people enjoyed a perfect afternoon at the pines reserve as a joint fundraiser for Rotary, Lions and the Pines Reserve.

6/5/19 – 2731
Brendan Moten, Lil Mo’s Bakery talked about his new premises and expansion of his business in the main street of Kapunda.

13/5/19 – 2732
President’s Report on District Assembly including new Child Protection procedures, risk assessment, membership and the new District 9510
Tarik Sauer, (accompanied by mum Renae) Junior Australian Basketballer from Eudunda spoke about his rise through the ranks to be selected to play junior basketball for Australia.
District Governor David Egan and his wife Chris.
David talked about his Rotary journey and his passion for effective leadership and the change required for this. Due to declining membership in the western world things have had to change relatively rapidly. This year membership has had a slight increase in numbers rather than the past years’ decrease. Chris spoke briefly about her work with young people and mental health.

17/6/19 – 2735
Greg May, Gallipoli on Anzac Day and the high cost and futility of the battles.

1/7/19 – 2736

Brief Summary
The year started with 10 members and we decided due to small numbers that we would all act as the ‘board’. In so doing the key directors were;
Secretary: Deane Rohrlach
Treasurer: Ian Todd
Youth Service: Bill O’Brien
Immediate Past President: Brenton Diener
Club Administration: Deane Rohrlach
Rotary Foundation: Frank Ware
Public Relations: Doug Smith
Public Officer: Deane Rohrlach
Bulletin Editor: Doug Smith
During the year Doug Smith relinquished the Bulletin/PR role and Trish Sweet as a new member took over the role. Andrew Amos also regained the webmaster role.

Other Key Points from the year.
• KHS Dinner raised $340 for Rotary’s Drought Relief Appeal.
• Kristin Hodge & Trish Sweet worked (as partners of Rotarians) at a 60th birthday and raised $200 for the Club.
• Mural project nearly completed.
• Donated $200 to KHS for end of year presentation
• Donations to Primary Schools for student presentations
• support the Kapunda Medical Centre mental health initiative, supported Clare NYSF (National Youth Science forum) students (they have supported us),
• IPP Brenton Diener and President David Hodge attended Group 9 membership forum.
• The club thanked Deane & Mary Rohrlach for the donation of a freezer and Raelene & Brenton Diener for housing same.
• Inducted 4 new members during the year; Tony Zerella, Leon Dickinson, Arlene Goff and Trish Sweet.
• Committee formed to plan 60th dinner celebrations on 10th August 2019.
• Supported 3 Christchurch NZ Rotary Clubs; RC of Riccarton, RC of Linwood/Woolston RC of Ferrymead by donation of $100 AUD to a Rotary fund that was set up to support the victims of the devastating attack on the Muslim community in Christchurch on March 15th, 2019.
• Club members and partners visited the SA Aviation Museum at Port Adelaide.
• Members and partners cooked breakfast at the Kapunda RSL Dawn Service.
• Members and partners cooked at the Gawler MC Rally raising $1400.
• Ugandan Dental Health Project – it was agreed to donate a one-off $500 to the Group 9 international project.
• Elijah Smith requested $370 to attend the UN Youth national conference. It was agreed that we should support Elijah with a $400 donation.
• Australian Business week – 24-29th June. It was agreed that we support this with a $300 donation.
• Barbecue gas is being provided by Gawler Caravan Centre who have also subsidised some trailer maintenance.

Thanks to Member Sponsors
• Frank & Helen Ware and Allcovers Roofing – major sponsors of Mural Project.
• Brenton and Raelene Diener and Diener Solar Pumps – sponsors of Mural, Barbecue trailer (as well as Diener family assisting with labour on the Barbecue
• Deane and Mary Rohrlach – supplier of KDR Wood Pens

Club account Balance as of 14/06/2019 $1772.59
Fundraising a/c Balance as of 14/06/2019 $5599.75
Art Show a/c Balance as of 14/06/2019 $6772.72
Total $14145.06
Treasurer Comments
• Club account is holding its own allowing for guest speakers’ meals etc. and covering RI and District expenses, with work progressing on our Rotary Mural to be displayed on the Southern wall of the Post Office.
• Fundraising account income came from 2017 Art Show surplus, Pines Picnic, Tarlee Motorbike event, Trots BBQ and other small events. Donations went to New Generations $2740.00, International $330.00, and Community & BBQ expenses $6281.88.
• Art Show account for 2019 event , made up of Sponsorship and 1 entry, other Sponsorship and entries will flow in, in the new financial year.
– Ian Todd, Treasurer

Youth Director’s Report
I have been privileged to hold the office of the Rotary Club of Kapunda as Youth Director for the past twelve months. I have a strong interest in youth affairs and support young people where I can both in the community and in my role as Mayor of Light Regional Council. Probably the activity I enjoy most is the presentation of the Rotary Achievers Awards at the end of each school term at the Kapunda Primary School. These Awards have a long tradition having been presented over the last 15 years and the enthusiasm of the students, teachers and family members remains very high and to some is the highlight of the end of term. 
Our Club has also supported a young local lad Elijha Smith to attend Federal Parliament in Canberra and will watch his progress both through Kapunda High School and in the political arena. Our community has many outstanding young people and I’m sure our Rotary Club will hear from many and will continue to support them in the future…
– Bill O’Brien, Youth Director

In Summary
I would like to thank all members and partners (without whose help we would flounder) for all their hard work in the 2017-18 Rotary Year. Special thanks to my wife Kristin whose help and support I value highly. When we sometimes get frustrated by our lack of capacity due to small numbers to do things, it is extremely satisfying to look back at just what we have achieved. Congratulations to you all.
David Hodge

Roundup – June 2019

* In our first June meeting the District Governor (David Egan) and his wife (Chris) joined us for the evening. David spoke firstly about his Rotary journey and his passion for effective leadership. He raised the difficulties encountered in maintaining membership numbers in service organisations in recent years. Fortunately there has been a small overall increase this year in Rotary membership numbers and we were commended on the addition of our 4 new members. His wife spoke of her role in being a Friend of Rotary and work with young people and mental health.

* Our final meeting before changeover we welcomed Greg May as our guest speaker. He spoke of his recent visit to Gallipoli for the ANZAC Dawn service. A number of photographs illustrated the difficulty of the terrain the ANZACs encountered and he spoke in some detail of the futility of the campaign.

* In other news, the Rotary Mural has now been completed by Stuart Hoerisch and is ready to be put in place. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to another addition to Kapunda’s murals.

* Planning and activity continues with the organisation of the 60th Celebration Dinner and the Kidman Rotary Art Show

President David Hodge and Rotarian Don Franks with District Governor David Egan and his wife Chris.

Sue Todd, speaker Greg May and Ian Todd.