Roundup – August 2019

* August was largely filled with planning and preparations for the clubs 60th celebrations on August 10. A report of the evening follows.

Tonight’s meeting was a Celebration dinner for Kapunda Rotary’s 60th year of Charter. An entertaining evening and a delicious meal were enjoyed by the 60 participants.

Past President Frank Ware was our MC for the evening and, after welcoming everyone, introduced Trish Sweet who proposed the Toast to Australia.

President David Hodge welcomed and introduced a number of special guests.

A brief history of the club and its involvement in many community, Australian and international projects was presented by Secretary Deane Rohrlach. Deane spoke of and recognised the fellowship and camaraderie within the club. “Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with many great people….and it has been a privilege.”

District Governor Jane Owens, Rotary Club of Whyalla, congratulated the club on its 60th anniversary and presented the club with a plaque celebrating a 40% increase in membership this year, the biggest increase in the district.

District Governor - Jane Owens

Past District Governor, Peter Thomas, gave an entertaining address regarding his involvement in a number of overseas Rotary projects over many years. He concluded “Rotary takes ordinary men and women and gives them extraordinary opportunities to do more with their lives…. I was able to achieve things I never thought possible.”

Past District Governor - Peter Thomas

President of the Rotary Club of Norwood, Alyssa Morran, gave an account of her Rotary journey, beginning with her sponsorship by Kapunda Rotary Club and involvement in a RYPEN camp in 2006 when she attended Kapunda High School. After approaching Rotary Norwood to find out how she might become a member, this year she was inducted as the Club President.

President of Norwood Rotary Club - Alyssa Morran

President David made final remarks and thanks to the attendees and fellow Kapunda Rotarians in closing. He concluded with “One of the biggest challenges for the Rotary Club and the community is to make sure it is there in the future to continue to work locally, nationally and internationally to better lives for others.”

Throughout the proceedings, the club acknowledged the contributions of our oldest and longest serving member of the club, Brian Goodfellow, who had sadly passed away on this day.

A full report of the evening and many photographs were published in The Leader Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

* Our final meeting in August was held at Kapunda High School and was catered for by The Year 11 Hospitality class. A delicious meal was enjoyed by Rotary members, partners and guests. Our guest speaker, Principal Kristen Masters spoke about a significant redevelopment of the school and the addition of Year 7s to the High School in 2022. There are possibly 120 year 8 students starting next year. The new school is designed to accomodate approximately 700 students in 2022. Old transportables will go and be replaced with new permanent buildings in a staged project. Staff have been invited to provide ideas for the redevelopment.

Rotarians and Guests enjoy a Rotary Dinner catered by KHS Stage 2 Hospitality students.

Stage 2 Hospitality students

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